TME Mentor Nomination Form

TME Mentors are current UConn students from all University majors. They use their own experiences to give other students a taste of what it's like to be in their program of study. A TME Mentor's main responsibility involves fielding questions through the TME website from other students who are interested in their major. Click here to see how this works.

TME Mentors ARE NOT paid. This is a volunteer position.

Students who are selected as TME Mentors are required to participate in New TME Mentor Training. Training topics include:

  • The TME philosophy
  • The TME website
  • Setting up a TME Mentor profile
  • How to respond to questions through Nexus
  • How to talk about career opportunities
  • How to talk about transferable skills gained through their major
  • How to reach out to your major's department hear and introduce yourself



  • Leadership opportunity
  • Great addition to resume
  • Promote major program
  • Help other students make important career/major decisions



Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Check UConn email at least once per day

- Respond to any questions within 2-3 business days. This includes summer and winter breaks

- Mentors can volunteer to be a part of events such as University Open House and panels

- Mentors are encouraged to share ideas that contribute to the overall success of TME



Please use the form below to nominate ONE STUDENT whom you feel would be successful in the role as a TME Mentor for their major. It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

THE PRIORITY DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING A NOMINATION FOR MENTORS FOR FALL 2024 IS FEBRUARY 21st. Nominated students will then have until February 23rd to apply.

We will gladly accept department nominations after February 21st, but cannot guarantee nominated mentor selection after February 27th, as we will open up recruitment to all qualified students.

If no nomination is submitted for your department, a Mentor will be selected by the TME Program.



If you are nominating a student on behalf of an academic department or school/college, that student will most likely be offered the position (unless otherwise determined by TME due to extreme circumstances). The nominated student will, however, still be required to apply, interview, and attend training.

Please only nominate students who have completed some coursework in the program and can speak more about it, and have AT LEAST two full semesters remaining at the University.

After you submit the form below, the identified student will be informed of the nomination and then be asked to apply. The student will be able to see what you wrote in the nomination form.

Please contact the TME Team at if you have any questions or concerns.

TME Mentor Nomination Form