Getting Started Exploring Majors

Whether you’re completely undecided, comfortably declared, or somewhere in’s best to take the time to examine your options before fully committing to a major. 



Beginning the exploration process can be overwhelming! Luckily, we've outlined a few steps to get you started on the right path.


STEP ONE: Educate Yourself

TME gets you connected with the resources and tools you need to explore majors, but these tools might be ineffective if you're not READY to explore. This is why it's important to get yourself in the right mindset before you begin your exploration process. The best way to do this is to address myths/misconceptions and educate yourself on what choosing a major really is...and isn't.

Click the above link to view sources that illustrate the realities of choosing a major.


STEP TWO: Major Elimination

Now that you have a better understanding of what choosing a major really is, it's time to start exploring your possibilities. This step gives you the opportunity to eliminate majors in which you have no interest, providing you with a list of only the programs that are real possibilities. It also allows you to educate yourself on all of the majors offered at UConn!

Even if you're declared or have a specific major in mind, it still benefits you to complete this activity. By doing so, you're taking the first step in the exploration process, which will either help you confirm your current major OR realize you want to try a different path. This is the best way to find your best fit!

Be sure to read the instructions and complete BOTH elimination phases. Click the link above to get started!


STEP THREE: Chat with an Exploratory Expert

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned conversation! It's time to meet with someone who knows what they're talking about! An Exploratory Advisor or Career Coach will chat with you about your major elimination results and help you determine the best next steps.

Click the link above to schedule an appointment with an Exploratory Advisor or Career Coach.