Workshops and Presentation Requests

How Major Is Your Major?

We believe that every student should be exploratory when it comes to majors. Whether they're anxiously undecided or comfortably declared, everyone can benefit from taking the time to examine their options. However, most students simply aren't prepared to explore. Preconceived assumptions and myths about majors prevent them from being able to take full advantage of the process. This fun and interactive presentation will focus on elevating the student approach to major exploration by acknowledging and correcting these misconceptions and demonstrating that choosing a major isn’t quite so major.

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Trash Your Values

Your values will often be the driving force behind almost every important decision you make. They are your principles and standards. They are your judgment of what's important in life. They are beliefs, ideas and experiences that are important to you and direct your choices. This fun and interactive workshop will give students the opportunity to begin thinking about their values and how values can guide their decision making. We will focus on how this impacts a student's choice of major and/or career.

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Major Exploration Week 2018

Major Exploration Week is a week-long series of events, workshops, and presentations occurring every spring semester and hosted by The Major Experience in collaboration University departments, programs, and resources. 

Through a variety of events such as alumni panels, lab tours, course shadowing, information sessions, and self exploration workshops (to name a few), students have the opportunity to explore majors in a holistic and interactive manner.

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