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On this page, you will find a collection of what we consider to be the best tools and resources available for exploring majors. Keep in mind, there is no prescribed method that applies to everyone. Your process for finding a major may be different than someone else's. This is why it's always important to follow up with a Exploratory Advisor or Career Coach.

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We believe every student should be exploratory! Whether you’re completely undecided, comfortably declared, or somewhere in between...it’s best to take the time to examine your options before fully committing to a major. Beginning the exploration process can be overwhelming! Luckily, we've outlined a few steps to get you started on the right path.

Start Exploring



TME gets you connected with the resources and tools to help you explore majors, but these tools might be ineffective if you're not READY to explore. This is why it's important to get yourself in the right mindset before you begin your exploration process. The best way to do this is to address myths/misconceptions and educate yourself on what choosing a major really is...and isn't.

Educate Yourself

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It’s often easier to first identify the majors you DON’T want to do. This step gives you the opportunity to eliminate majors in which you have no interest, allowing you to focus only on programs that are real possibilities. To make the most of this resource, be sure to complete BOTH elimination phases (instructions to follow).


Identify Potential Majors



The quickest and easiest way to gather information on all of UConn's majors. Each profile includes best intro courses, career opportunities, related majors, TME Student Mentors, and more.  By viewing these profiles, you're able to get a glimpse into each major without needing to spend hours researching.

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tme mentors


TME Mentors are current UConn students from the various majors at the University. They use their own experiences to give you an idea of what it's like to be a student in their program. Think about it....if you're interested in sociology and want information on what the major is like, who better to contact than a current sociology major?

Contact TME Mentors

Making Major Decisions course


A one-credit course that is dedicated exclusively to major exploration.  It is designed to help students examine majors in a holistic, interactive, and intentional manner. The main objective is to provide the appropriate tools and support to declare a major(s) with confidence. 


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We've organized every UConn major into Exploration Groups, which are clusters of majors with related content and disciplinary focus. Having a Major Exploration Group (instead of being undecided) will give you a direction and will greatly simplify the exploration process.


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major contacts


Once you generate some ideas for majors, the next step is to connect with people in those areas. If you're interested in Environmental Science, you should have a conversation with a faculty or staff member in the Environmental Science Department. You can learn a lot from these people since they are the experts!


Major Contacts



How can you choose a major if you don't even know what's offered? It's important to familiarize yourself with your choices. Click the link below to view the list of UConn majors. 


List of UConn Majors