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American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Minor

The ASL Studies program offers a major with two concentrations, Deaf Studies and Interpreting American Sign Language and English.  One of our primary goals is to offer students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, attitude and knowledge to effectively engage in meaningful conversations with members of a diverse Deaf community.  In addition, students will be prepared to work in multiple disciplines and various occupations that reach beyond more traditional roles such as ASL instructors and interpreters.  Medical professionals who know sign language are in demand including speech-language pathologist, mental health counselors, audiologists, and occupational therapists.  Social workers and psychologists who know ASL are employed at schools for the Deaf and public schools that provide educational programs for the vast majority of students who are Deaf or hard of hearing.  The concentration in Interpreting American Sign Language and English offers students’ introductory skills necessary for further study and practice in a fast-growing much needed profession.