Informational Interviewing

Informational interviews are a great way to create a better understanding of a major, career, or field that interests you. This is also an opportunity to build a network for the future.


Below are possible interview questions to help get you started. Many of these questions can be used whether you are interviewing a TME Mentor, Faculty or Staff Member, Alumni, or someone in a career field of interest. Remember, you can always ask additional questions to further discover possible majors and careers, and assist you on your exploration journey.

Questions about Majors

- How did you decide on your major?

- Why did you decide on your major?

- What types of jobs or careers could I pursue with this major?

- What advice would you give for someone considering this type of major?

- Are there related majors I should look into?

- What courses did you most enjoy in your major or related to your major and why?

- What are some key skills you learned through your major?

Questions about Involvement and Experiences

- What type of jobs or internships would you recommend I pursue if I am interested in this career path/major?

- What are/were you involved in while you were a student?

- What advice do you have for balancing professional clubs/activities with fun and interesting ones?

- Are there any professional organizations related to this major or career that I should be aware of?

- What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were starting out?

- What research projects are you currently working on or have you worked on?

- What recommendations do you have if I’m looking to get involved in a research project?

Questions about Career Exploration

- How did your major prepare you for your career?

- How did your experience in college prepare you for your career?

- How did you begin your career?

- What does this job entail on a daily basis?

- What are the challenges to your job/career? How have you dealt with them?

- What makes a person successful at this job or in this industry? What skills do they need?

- Are there related fields I should look into?