Statistical Data Science

Statistical Data Science


This major is part of the Business Exploration Group and Math & Engineering Exploration Group

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Statistics Minor

Statistical data science majors are trained in basic and advanced data analysis ranging from introductory statistics and calculus to statistical machine learning and linear algebra. Students learn how to use data ethically; the importance and effectiveness of visualization in communicating results; and programming skills in both R and Python. They also dive deep into an area of interest that forms the basis of their culminating capstone project.

To complete the BS in Statistical Data Science, students are required to only take one sequence of lab courses, along with an additional science course that does not need to be a lab course. This differs from most BS degrees in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which require two sequences of lab courses along with an additional lab course.

Graduates of the major can expect to find work in almost all occupational realms. Alumni are prepared to serve in a number of roles in which they will operate and design analytical systems, prepare data, coordinate analysis, visualize output, and support data-driven decision making.