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WHAT IS Marketing Management?

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This major is only open to students at the Hartford and Stamford regional campuses.

The Marketing Management major was formerly called Digital Marketing & Analytics. Students will be able to declare the Digital Marketing & Analytics concentration within the Marketing Management major.

Marketing Management at UConn is distinguished by the integration of experiential learning and the latest insights from academic research. You develop conceptual, analytical, leadership, communication, and creative skills through case discussions and memos, writing marketing plans, in-class exercises, and company projects. You learn the academic evidence for “what works” in marketing fromleading scholarsin the field. UConn students have a number of opportunities to develop specialized skills in marketing, to do an internship to practice what they learn, and to participate in academic research.

Students will be able to declare an optional concentration in Digital Marketing & Analytics within Marketing Management, which equips students with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement digital marketing strategies. The concentration provides students with sufficient depth in both the analytics and strategic aspects of digital marketing to successfully use these tools to meet marketing and firm objectives.

All School of Business majors can also be completed through the dual degree program EUROBIZ (dual degree with German Studies).

Students majoring in Marketing Management are eligible to apply for the Accelerated Master's Programs in the School of Business.



APPLICATION REQUIRED. Admission is very competitive and requires a strong GPA along with the completion of specific courses. Find more information and the application here.



Major Requirements Overview



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COMM 1000 - The Process of Communication (Potential Major Requirement) (Gen Ed: CA 2)

ECON 1201 - Principles of Microeconomics (Major Requirement) (Gen Ed: CA 2)

ECON 1202 - Principles of Macroeconomics (Major Requirement) (Gen Ed: CA 2)

STAT 1000Q - Introduction to Statistics 1 (Major Requirement) (Gen Ed: Q Course)



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