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Economics, sometimes referred to as the queen of social sciences, is all about choice and is at the heart of all decision-making. Broad in scope, it explains how people, businesses, governments, and even families, schools, and charitable organizations make decisions with limited resources.

Economics is at the heart of many social problems facing the world, including unemployment, inflation, poverty, pollution, health care, human rights, and gender and racial inequality. Effective solutions to these problems require a rigorous training in economics.

The study of economics develops a wide range of analytical and critical thinking skills, which opens up many diverse career opportunities.  Economic analysis hones your skills at both understanding and influencing today’s policy debates.  A bachelor’s degree in economics prepares you for a career in not just business, banking, government, and financial transactions, but also areas such as urban planning, international development, policy analysis, journalism, education, and the non-profit sector.

Math skills are necessary for the Economics major at UConn and Calculus is used in the Intermediate Macro Economics and Intermediate Micro Economics courses