The TME Team

The Major Experience is a campus-wide collaboration involving students and professionals throughout UConn. We feel a holistic approach to exploration is the best approach, which is why it's important that TME be a TEAM EFFORT! Browse below to see all of the amazing individuals who make up the TME Team.

TME Professional Committee 

An assembly of University professionals who are responsible for the overall management and direction of TME. 

Harry Twyman, Coordinator and TME Coach

Harry Twyman

TME Coordinator and Academic Advisor


Kelli Petersen, TME CoachKelli Petersen

Academic Advisor


Micah Heumann

Micah Heumann

Academic Advisor


brittany kowalyshyn

Brittany Kowalyshyn

Academic Advisor


TME Student Leadership Board

The TME Student Leadership Board oversees most aspects of the TME Mentors and plays a significant role in the overall management of TME.


Lisa Iwanicki



Anvin Thomas


molecular and cell biology

Frank Amaefuna


human rights

Shona Barton-Negreiros


psychological sciences

Madison Thompson

Vice President/Junior


Natalie Lowe



Jay Cizeski


TME Liaisons

TME Liaisons serve as our University resources for their respective areas. They keep us updated on all of the happenings within their schools, colleges, campuses, and departments.

Jillian Ives - College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources Liaison

Jillian Ives

Liaison - College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources

Kristin Glinzak, School of Business Liaison

Kristin Glinzak

Liaison - School of Business

Shoshana Armington - Engineering Liaison

Shoshana Armington

Liaison - School of Engineering

Eva Gorbants - Liaison - School of Fine Arts

Eva Gorbants

Liaison - School of Fine Arts

CLAS liaison

Sarah Scheidel

Liaison - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Mia Hines, Neag School of Education Liaison

Mia Hines

Liaison - Neag School of Education

Pamela Cartledge - Liaison - School of NUrsing

Pamela Cartledge

Liaison - School of Nursing

Major not available. Check back soon

Jenna Henderson

Liaison - School of Pharmacy

Noemi Moldanado Picardi - Avery Point Campus Liaison

Noemi Maldonado Picardi

Liaison - Avery Point Campus

Meghan Hanrahan, Hartford Campus Liaison

Meghan Hanrahan

Liaison - Hartford Campus

Major not available. Check back soon

Lisa Siebert

Liaison - Stamford Campus

Major not available. Check back soon

Check Back Soon

Liaison - Waterbury Campus