Husky Career Prep

***A UConn NetID and password are required to access HuskyCareerPrep.

HuskyCareerPrep is a comprehensive online suite of tools designed to help you at all points in the career development process. This includes resources like personality assessments, employment opportunities, interview preparation, and information about professionalism and career success. While the HuskyCareerPrep website covers the full spectrum of career-related information, we will be focusing solely on the career exploration content. However, feel free to utilize other areas of the site as well. 

"What tools are available within the Career Exploration portion of HuskyCareerPrep?"

The Career Exploration area of HuskyCareerPrep is divided into four categories. Click each link below to view the corresponding assessments available under each category:

Quick Profile

Skills & Talents

Corporate Culture
Entrepreneurial Aptitude
Leadership Preferences
Networking Preferences

Career Decision Making Matrix


All of these tools are at your disposal in any order at all times.


"There is so much to do on this website. Where should I start?"

We recommend starting with the Quick Profile. It's a brief interactive assessment that will analyze your values, interests, and personality. Once completed, your quick profile will identify careers that may be a good fit for our personal preferences.

Completing the Quick Profile is a great way to quickly get some insight into your personal preferences, but for a more detailed look into what careers are a good fit, continue with the other exercises mentioned above.


"How do I access the Career Exploration portion of HuskyCareerPrep and get started?"

To sign in to HuskyCareerPrep, click the image below and sign in using your UConn NetID and password. Once signed in, click the 'Career Exploration" link in the top navigation bar.

Click here to access HuskyCareerPrep